Asia Talks

Producer: Studio Shen a.k.a. Wendy Kegels in co-production with Joe Choi
Project: Asia Talks
Skills: Host, moderator, concept creator, Asian representative
Events: Legends of Liondance
First edition: 30 January 2020
O n January 30, 2020, we organized a discussion evening with Belgian Asians for the first time in Belgium. Because they deserve to be in the spotlight in our diverse Belgian society, because we need role models with Asian roots and because we want to create a (live) Asian community.

Asia Talks wants to talk lightly about "identity" and "roots", without underestimating its added value. We want to positively change the image of Asians and by extension of various backgrounds. We want to offer the younger generation a platform where they can listen to young people with similar experiences, where they hear stories and see people in which they can recognize themselves. Because the Asian stories may and should be told more in Belgium. Peace out.